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we sell all  parts for YC engine . 


No. Part No. Part English Name  Chinese 
1 330-1002064B(H) Cylinder liner 气缸套
2 A3000-1002063B Cylinder liner water
3 A3000-1002063 Cylinder liner water
4 YC209-C065090PR front oil slinger 前油封
5 YC209-C100125PL rear oil slinger 后油封
6 J3200-1003022 cylinder head cover
7 330-1003015C* cylinder head  气缸盖
8 330-1002114* cylinder head sub
9 330-1007019C intake valve seat 进气门座
10 330-1007021 exhaust valve seat 排气门座
11 430-1007018 valve guide 气门导管
12 B3000-1003011B cylinder head gasket 气缸盖垫片
13 330-1004016* piston ring sub assmbly 活塞环组件
14 340-1004001(A) Piston(A) 活塞
15 6105Q-1004019B Piston(A )pin 活塞销
16 Q43038 retaining ring 挡圈
17 6105QA-1004050D-H connecting rod part 连杆部件
18 330-1004022-L connecting rod bearing
19 6105Q-1005054C*-H main bearing 主轴瓦
20 630-1005020E crank shaft 曲轴
21 6105Q-1005058A crank shaft trusting piece 曲轴止推片
22 630-1006015A cam shaft 凸轮轴
23 D30-1003103B exhaust valve  排气门
24 330-1007011D intake valve  进气门
25 150-1007021E valve steam locks 气门锁夹
26 430-1007016A valve steam seal 气门杆油封
27 6105Q-1007022 valve outer spring 气门外弹簧
28 6105Q-1007023 valve inner spring 气门内弹簧
29 6105Q-1007091A Tappet rod 挺杆
30 6105QA-1007081B push rod 推杆
31 J3100-1007100A rocker arm shaft part 摇臂轴部件
32 6105QA-1008011A gasket intake pipe 进气管垫片
33 640-1008201 exhaust manifold 排气管
34 D2000-1008250B exhaust pipe gasket 排气管垫片
35 6105Q-1009030 oil release plug assembly 放油塞总成
36 630-1003101A oil filter cover sub
37 A3000-1105010 water separator fuel
filter assmbly
38 341-1111100A-493 injection pump 喷油泵
39 J3200-1112010A injector parts 喷油器部件
40 J3200-1112030A nuzzle matching part 喷嘴偶件
41   fuel shut-off cylinder
sub assembly
42 648-1306010A wax termostat 蜡式节温器
43 630-1307010C water pump part 水泵部件
44 630-3509100A air compressor 空气压缩机
45 311-3701100 alternator 充电发电机
46 B7617-3708100 starter 起动机
47   exhaust valve rocker arm 摇臂排气门
48   intake valve rocker arm 摇臂进气门
49 630-1004052 connecting-rod bushing 连杆衬套
50 6105QA-1002011 cam shaft bushing 凸轮轴衬套
51   water pump shaft 水泵销轴
52   water pump impeller  
53 630-1307010C water pump assembly 水泵
54   Graphit seal ring  
55   oil scraper ring&compression
ring of air compressor
56   piston of air compressor 空压机活塞
57   piston pin&steal snap ring
of air compressor
58   connecting rod bearing of
air compressor
59   crank shaft of air compressor 空压机曲轴
60   all filters 全套滤芯

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